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Yes, this page is allllll about me, and currently, my oh so fun fish read

About Books, Montana Arts Council Winter 2017

State of the Arts

Fish Line Rhymes (one read and you’ll be hooked!)

By Jayne R. Piazza

Award-winning Missoula artist Jayne Piazza pairs off-the-hook fish rhymes with glitzy paintings in her tribute to fish and their environs. From “Little Blues Boy Come Tuna Guitar,” to

“Three (very cool) Blind Trout,” the author shares her affection

for all things piscine.The paintings were created by "bleaching,” a watercolor technique that employs bleach to pull color from a surface; the artist then added an assortment of pastel, sequins, glitter, or dimensional paint.

As for the rhymes, she reports: “No one was safe … Late nights I could be found rewriting and calling fishermen, musicians, and ‘literati’ friends regarding inane details, all in the pursuit of the perfect rhyme and eventual art piece to accompany it.” Ms

Piazza has been exhibiting professionally for more than 30 years. . For more information on her new endeavor, visit

– Kristi Niemeyer

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