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                                                         CAMP MARTINI

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        Colton Martini grew up in Eastern Montana, on a horse ranch, near the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers. After studying Architecture at Montana State University, Martini went on to the University of Montana studying Anthropology, Native American Studies and Psychology. His appreciation of the natural landscape, passion for other cultures, and world travel, has led to his unique and diverse           

                                                                     understanding of design. 

       A fourth generation Montanan, and with three generations of building and design in his background,     Martini has worked with some of the most talented design firms in the West. After 10 years of interior design                                 experience, Martini is excited to introduce you to Camp Martini Interior Design.

                                                                      ABOUT CAMP MARTINI

  A full service interior design firm and lifestyle collective, founded on, and inspired by, the natural landscape       and the vagabond spirit of wanderers and travelers. Camp Martini offers a unique perspective to interior    design and brings together the talents of many other artisans and makers, or “campers” to create a design                                        vision all its own, authentic to each individual client. “Let’s Set Up Camp!”

                                                                      Colton Martini

                                                                      Camp Martini



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