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      Fish Line Rhymes...the book, now available, order today!

An artist by trade, I tend towards the subject matter of fish and/or women. I was once was asked to recreate, in my own style, the illustrations of my favorite children's book. Who would dare mess with J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan? So, I set out to re-do my favorite nursery rhymes instead.


Things quickly got out of hand. I was consumed. No one was safe. Dinner guests, family, traveling partners, wine experts and just wine drinkers, librarians, strangers in the kosher food aisle at the grocers. All were subjected to relentless questions regarding fish and their new environs in my rhymes. Late nights I could be found rewriting and calling on fishermen, musicians, and "literati" friends regarding inane details, all in the pursuit of "the" perfect rhyme and eventual art piece to accompany it.

Of the 15 rhymes in the book, the selection of fishy rhymes and their glitzy renditions presented here are the result of that frantic stretch of time. Created by "bleaching," a watercolor technique using bleach to pull color from a surface, then adding a colorful assortment of pastel, sequins, glitter or dimensional paint, each piece recreates the rhythm of the new rhymes.


Indulge me, enjoy!

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