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Baby, You're A Starfish!.jpg

Baby, You're A Starfish!

25 x 37"  oil and metallic on canvas

Divine Forces Of Seadreaming  

4'3" x  3' 5"  oil on canvas

Be it the fluidity of fish, or the languid women, either often swim in or out of Jayne’s work. A bit on the witty, and willingly on the wild side, an unorthodox sense of humor will surface that merges the two. Stripping, shade by shade, is the essence of the bleaching process while layering forms the basis of her paintings. By the particular selection and application of Italian glass, a mosaic beauty unfolds. A colorful life, or the love of color, life, nature and adventure ignites her work. In any case, working with children on a large scale project, or privately in her Montana studio, the fun and passion of the project prevail.

The artist, her art. Innocent or indulgent. Twisted? Maybe, but no doubt interesting!

Welcome to the world of fresh works......

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